Specifications Pioneer GHL-215
Height of Centre(mm) 215
Swing Over Bed (mm) 430
Swing Over Cross Slide (mm) 250
Distance Between Center (mm) 1000/1500
Max. Swing in Gap (mm) 700
Bed Type 2 V and 2 Flat
Bed Width (mm) 280
Length of Gap in Front of Face Plate (mm) 160
Head Stock
Number of Spindle Speed 8(std.) 16(optnl.)
Spindle Speed Range : R.P.M. 54-1200 (std.) 54-1700 (optnl.)
Type and Size of Spindle Nose Cam Lock, size D1-4
Spindle Bore ( mm) 40 mm
Spindle Taper Number MT – 5
Diameter of Front Bearing OD 110 x ID 60
Feeds and Threads
Number of Feeds 76
Range of longitudinal Feeds (mm/Rev) 0.026 to 0.936
Range of Cross Feeds (mm/rev) 0.016 to 0.58
Number of Threads 106
Range of Metric Threads/No. 0.2 to 7 mm (33)
Range of Inch Threads,No. 72 to 4 TPI (36)
Range of Module Threads/No. 0.3 to 3 Module (16)
Range of D.P. Threads/No. 44 to 8 D.P. (21)
Leed Screw Dia (mm) 31.75
Leed Screw Pitch (mm) 6 mm
Cross Slide Dimension (mm) 178 x 415
Cross Slide Travel (mm) 225
Tool Shank Section (mm) 25 x 25
Saddle Traverse (mm) 890/1390
Compound Slide Traverse (mm) 130
Tail Stock
Spindle Dia (mm) 50.8
Spindle Taper Number MT-3
Spindle Travel 175
Lateral Move to Tail Stock (mm) 5
Main Motor (kW.) 2.25 (3 H.P.)
Model Floor Space(Approx.) Weight kgs.(Approx.) Case Dimensions
Net Gross L W H
GHL-3 2600 x 1000 mm 1250 1450 2800 1100 1600
GHL-4 3100 x 1000 mm 1500 1750 3300 1100 1600


Four Position Tool Post, Toolpost Spanners, Center Adopter, 2 Nos. MT-3 Dead Centers, Electric Motor with Electrical Controls, Thread Dial Indicator, Camlock operating Handle, Chip Tray, Oil Gun, Tool kit, Manual Book.


Collet attachment & collets, Taper Turning Attachment, Rear Tool Post, Electro-Mechanical Brake with Joy Stick Control, Machine Lamp, Chuck Flange, Face plate, Follow Rest, Steady Rest, Quick change Tool Post, Coolant Pump & Fitting, Carrier Plate, Rear Splash Guard, True Chuck, Dog Chuck, Digital Read out System (DRO).

(1) All The above specifications are approximate and subject to change without prior notice as improvements are made from time to time.
(2) The Description ” standard accessories / salient features ” confirms to its list not the photo of models shown in the catalogue and subject to change without prior notice as improvements are made from time to time.

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